PREDICT Real Estate Investor System

PREDICT Real Estate Investor System 1.05

Save Time and Make Money with PREDICT Real Estate Investor Software!Do...

Save Time and Make Money with PREDICT Real Estate Investor Software! Do you Struggle with: Wondering if you've capitalized on the highest $$ potential for EVERY property?

Wondering "Did I include ALL of my Costs? " Beating your competition with a Contract? Getting your Funding Source to say YE$? ! Getting the most out ALL of your contacts?

Juggling with too many systems & tools? Wondering "Will the property sell? " Keeping your hard earned Ca$h? Getting out of the office?

HAVING A LIFE! ! Introducing PREDICT© Designed by Real Estate Investors for Real Estate Investors Accurately calculate MULTIPLE Exit Strategies!

Auto-Generate your choice of Contracts and submit within Seconds! Figure your Repair Costs using our Repair Estimator built by a Home Builder!

HUD-1 Settlement Statements are AUTO-GENERATED! Manage contacts and info for your Buyers, Sellers, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, etc! Dynamically see when an Auction Property is approaching your Maximum Allowable Offer!

And much, much more. Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor, Let me introduce myself. I'm Jerry Powers, the developer and a daily user of PREDICT Real Estate Investor Software.

I'm an active Real Estate Investor that felt the need to have software that would make the process of analyzing investment properties, quickly submitting offers, auto-generating HUD-1 Settlement Statements, and Retail and Wholesale flyers effortlessly so that I could get out of the office!

I looked and looked all over the internet for such a system and asked other Real Estate Investors for recommendations and I came up empty. This was not going to work!

Software simple enough for Assistant I also wanted a system that was so intuitive and simple that I could turn over the data entry process over to an assistant or an inexpensive data entry clerk.

But it had to be smart enough so that the assistant or data entry clerk didn't have to make Real Estate Investing decisions themselves. I must confess that I am an anal perfectionist when it comes to crunching numbers!

I've worked in the homebuilding industry as an Estimator and Purchasing Manager for over 20 years. Therefore, if my numbers were wrong then the builder loses money.

Have you ever heard a homebuilder cussing? I think they taught sailors how to cuss! ! Excel spreadsheet didn't fulfill my needs Back to how I came to create PREDICT.

First, I created a very large Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet. That worked well for a while. However, I discovered many problems with that: I couldn't use different Lenders for each property if I chose to do so Using a typical percentage for closing costs was not accurate Worst of all - I maxed out the # of columns available & I needed more!

PREDICT Real Estate Investor System


PREDICT Real Estate Investor System 1.05

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